A FREE service for families with toddlers (2 and 3 year olds) from regional and remote areas of NSW

What is PCIT?

Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is an evidence-based parent training program designed to help families with children displaying behavioural difficulties including:

· Aggression

· Tantrums

· Defiance

· Withdrawn behaviour

· Separation anxiety  


PCIT is based around play. It teaches parents specific skills in a one-on-one program with the therapist providing immediate positive and supportive feedback to the parent during real life parent-child play sessions.

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I-PCIT for families from regional and remote NSW:

For families who live in regional or remote areas of NSW, Karitane Toddler Clinic provides the PCIT program via the internet.  This is a FREE service jointly funded by NSW Health & Karitane.

“During the past few months working with the Toddler Clinic, both us and our son’s preschool have noticed significant improvements. With the skills we have been taught we feel much more able to manage any challenging moments"

“You have given me skills which have made me feel confident in my parenting and most of all, strengthened my bond with my beautiful boys."

To participate in I-PCIT you need:

1.  A quiet, safe place in your home for your appointments

2.  Desktop computer, laptop or IPad

3.  Internet connection

4.  A selection of your child’s toys


Using a video-based program similar to Skype, your I-PCIT therapist will conduct appointments with you in your own home.

The average treatment program is 6 to 12 weekly 1-hour sessions. During sessions, your therapist will speak with you, coach and support you as you play with your child.

Regular appointments and practising the skills between sessions is necessary for you and your child to obtain the best results.

To be referred to the I-PCIT program:

Get a referral from a health professional - GP, Child and Family Health Nurse, Community Service. 

Referrals can be made here

For more information please contact:

Sue Morgan, Toddler Clinic Manager


02 9794 2338


Jane Kohlhoff, I-PCIT Project Leader


02 9794 2344

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