How We Support Families:

We've produced a range of helpful brochures and videos on a range of parenting topics for parents, carers and health professionals.

Sleep and Settling:

Understanding Sleep Some helpful resources to help you understand sleep, normal sleep cycles and how developing routines can help you baby to settle.

Karitane Settling Tip:

Keep an eye out for tired signs! This short video from the Raising Children Network explains the cues of tiredness for your baby.

Wrapping Your Baby:

These are some great resources to help you wrap your baby.

Feeding Your Baby:

Tips for feeding your baby.

Karitane Feeding Tips:

Your baby will show signs when they are hungry! Below this short video from the Raising Children Network explains the hunger cues for your baby while the next video discusses how you can introduce solids to your baby when they are ready for something a little more substantial.

Feeding Your Toddler:

Tips for feeding your toddler.

Toddler Behaviour:

Understanding your toddler and their Behaviour.

Common Challenges For Toddlers:

Common challenges all toddlers will faces as they grow.

Adjusting To Parenthood:

Perinatal Health Pressures:

Travelling With Children:

Flying with Children:

Information for Karitane Clients:

Privacy Information for Patients 

Your Rights and Responsibilities

Handbook Carramar Residential Unit 2017

Handbook Camden Residential Unit 2017


Karitane Parenting Confidence Scale:

The Karitane Parenting Confidence scale (KPCS) is a 15-item self report instrument that measures parents’ confidence in caring for their infant. The scale includes a preamble, thus minimal instruction is required on the part of the clinician / researcher when administering it.

This scale has important clinical and research applications, as an increasing number of studies over the past 20 years have highlighted that parenting confidence perceptions – often called ‘perceived parenting self-efficacy’ (PPSE) – represent a key element of parents’ subjective experience, and are an important resiliency or protective factor (Jones & Prinz, 2005).

We like professionals who want to register with us first. That way we can keep you up to date with any changes and we can assess it’s effectiveness. Please fill out the KPCS Registration Form and send it to the Karitane Education Department by email to or fax it to (+61)(02) 9794 2323.

More Resources for Health Professionals: