Virtual Services Continue Plus Introduction of Face-to-Face Services

27 May 2020

Karitane responded to COVID-19 with a 100% digital transformation of services...

Parenting & Pandemic, Karitane 100% Digital Transformation

19 May 2020

Accessible care empowering families at home.

Volunteer Family Connect Moves to Virtual Service

18 May 2020

Volunteer Family Connect (VFC) has successfully operated since 2012 and in that time has demonstrated positive...

Studio 10 Virtual Support for Parents

23 April 2020

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Karitane transitioned 100% of its services into digital platforms, so we can...

Karitane Achieves Best Practice

22 April 2020

Karitane has been recognised as being at the forefront of family friendly practices for a number of years.

Virtual Residential Stay Now Open

09 April 2020

Over four days you will receive up to three Virtual Home Visits a day with a Child and Family Health Nurse.

Online Parenting Workshops

02 April 2020

Parenting workshop webinars live with Karitane Child and Family Health Nurse!

Healthdirect Symptom Checker

30 March 2020

If you’re worried about your health during the COVID-19 pandemic...

Parents Self-Refer & 100% Telehealth Services! COVID-19 Response

27 March 2020

We know these are challenging and uncharted times and want to ensure parents and carers get the support they...

Coronavirus Health Information Line

20 March 2020

If you or a loved one have any concerns or questions regarding COVID-19 please contact...

News - Studio 10

13 November 2019

Yesterday was an exciting day for Karitane as we were featured on Studio 10 in a sleep & settling segment.

PANDA Week 2019

13 November 2019

Perinatal anxiety and depression is costing Australia $877 million annually according to a PwC analysis

News - Health Leader TV!

29 October 2019

Karitane is thrilled to be featured in the 2019 Health Leader TV program, showcasing our digital delivery

Results are in! National Working Families Report

29 October 2019

First National Working Families Survey reveals work-life conflict takes a toll on personal and family wellbeing

Struggle of the Juggle - Supporting Parents at Work

29 August 2019

Last night a panel of industry experts explored the challenges of balancing parenting and career, the importance of supporting parents at work.

Response to Federal Health Minister

16 August 2019

Karitane welcomes Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt's recent announcement that a National Child Mental Health Strategy will be developed and implemented.

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