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Karitane responded to COVID-19 with a 100% digital transformation of services and with the release of the Australian Government’s “3-Step Recovery Plan” we have reintroduced face-to-face services. We offer both face-to-face and virtual services and our team work with families to match the right service and delivery depending on each family’s individual needs. For our COVID-19 update see here. As COVID-19 continues to put increased pressure on the health system we don't require a GP/health professional referral. Access for parents still remains easier than ever, parents can self-refer on-line here.

Karitane Oran Park provides a unique parenting service on the premises of Oran Park Podium Shopping Centre and co-located with community health and general practice partners. Karitane empowers families by providing parenting education, support and guidance in a relaxed environment for families with children from newborn to 5 years. Our skilled and caring team works in partnership with your family to assist you in identifying and achieving your goals.

This service includes individual consultations and therapeutic groups for parenting concerns such as sleeping and settling, feeding, toddler behaviour, adjustment to parenting and postnatal depression and anxiety.

Our Team

Caring and experienced Child and Family Health Nurses and Lactation Consultants

Who Uses Karitane Oran Park?

Families with children who are experiencing parenting difficulties associated with:

  • Sleep and settling strategies
  • Feeding
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Multiple babies
  • Adjusting to parenting
  • Toddler behaviour
  • Anxiety and postnatal depression

Age Range

Newborn to 5 years.


Karitane Oran Park is a free health service to the community.

How to Start the Process / What You Need to do First

A referral from a health professional, such as your Doctor or a Child and Family Health Nurse is needed to access Karitane Parenting centres. To find your local Child and Family Health Centre, contact HealthDirect on 1800 022 222.

8e/351 Oran Park Dr, Oran Park NSW 2570

Call the store: (02) 4654 6125

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