Karitane’s dedicated research team partners with universities and other organisations to improve clinical practice and outcomes for children and families.  

Recent research projects:

  • The Pregnancy-related Anxiety Project The aim of this research project is to develop and validate the Pregnancy-Related Anxiety Scale.This research is  conducted as part of the requirements for a PhD for the principal researcher, Robyn Brunton.  In addition to the principal research there are three associative researchers: Dr Rachel Dryer, PhD (Psychology);  Professor Anthony Saliba, BSc (Hons) Psych, PhD (Psych); Dr Jane Kohlhoff, B.A. (Hons), D. Clin. Psych., PhD.
  • Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for Toddlers: A Pilot Study (Investigators: Jane Kohlhoff & Susan Morgan MMH (PerinatInf)) Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is an evidence-based program used to treat behavioral disorders in early childhood (2–7 years; Eyberg, 1988). This article describes a modified version of PCIT for young toddlers (PCIT-T) adapted to meet the developmental needs of children aged 12–24 months. A pilot study was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of PCIT-T with 29 parent-toddler dyads (children aged <2 years) presenting with significant behavior problems, assessed pretreatment and posttreatment. Read more…
  • Creating Better Futures for Children through Effective Parent Education (Investigators: N. Hopwood, UTS; T.Clerke, UTS). This project will use an educational research approach to explore ways in which parents learn from professionals and professionals learn from families in order to provide customised support that is sensitive to parents’ particular values, priorities and goals.
  • Karitane Early Assessment Research Clinic (Investigators: E. Kimonis, UNSW; V. Eapen, UNSW; D. Hawes, USYD). In a partnership between Karitane and the Universities of NSW & Sydney, the Early Assessment Research Clinic will provide and evaluate comprehensive, multidisciplinary assessment services in order to improve treatment outcomes for families referred to the Karitane Toddler Clinic by matching interventions to their individual treatment needs.
  • Resources to help you make use of expertise while working in partnership with families: development of Family Partnership Tools (Investigators: N. Hopwood, UTS; T. Clerke, UTS). This project will evaluate, test and implement tools to support partnership work as widely as possible.
  • Characteristics, trends, co-admissions and service needs of women admitted to residential parenting services in the year following birth in NSW (Investigators: H. Dahlen, UWS; V. Schmeid, UWS; C. Fowler, UTS; C. Thornton, UWS). This study will examine the physical, psychological and demographic characteristics, trend, service needs and co-admission to other health services of women admitted to RPS of Tresillian and Karitane in NSW from 2000-2010.
  • Evaluation of PCIT-T: an attachment based intervention for toddlers with disruptive behaviours (Investigators: J. Kohlhoff, Karitane; S. Morgan, Karitane; L. Wedgwood, Karitane;, T. Roach, Karitane; L. Thompson, Karitane; B. Barnett, UNSW). This project will investigate the efficacy of ‘Parent Child Interaction Therapy for Toddlers’ (PCIT-T), an age-modified version of PCIT, a widely-used, evidence-based intervention program developed for preschool and primary aged children.
  • Pregnancy Anxiety: Development of a new scale (Investigators: R. Brunton, CSU; R. Dryer, CSU; A. Saliba, CSU; J. Kohlhoff, Karitane). There is increasing acknowledgment of the prevalence of negative outcomes of anxiety in pregnancy (Pregnancy-related Anxiety [PrA]) as a distinct syndrome. This study will develop and validate a Pregnancy Related Anxiety Scale.

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List of publications and conference presentations 2010 to 2015.

Articles on research projects:

Creating Better Futures for Children through Effective Parent Education – Confidence keeps the family strong – Sydney Morning Herald, 22 July 2015

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