Partnering Organisations

What Businesses Say

“ It’s great to see DuluxGroup leading the way, by partnering with an organisation which is focused on delivering solutions to assist parents with real problems/issues – something a huge portion of DuluxeGroup employees can get value from.�?

 Jennifer Tucker | Executive General Manager of Yates


What Working Parents Say

"These webinars have been fantastic. I am noticing a huge change in my child's behaviour already, by me changing the way I deal with him. I wish I had learnt this a little earlier - but as they say - better late than never. No one teaches you about parenting! "

Lise | KPMG


"I loved feeling like I wasn't alone, and that other parents were going through the same battles with their children. Also the practical tips that I could take home and implement straight away. We have seen such a wonderful improvement in the relationship between our child and ourselves since trying out some techniques. He's much more responsive and engaged with us."

 Chantel | CBA